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Understanding EN 1125 & EN 179 and CE Mark In Relation to Emergency Exits


Panic Application - EN 1125
A panic application is where the exit door is used by the public and provides “safe and effective escape through the doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of operation”.
For example:
• Theatres
• Shops
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Cinemas
Products used in panic applications require an operating device that covers the width of the door e.g. crossbars or touchbars.


Emergency Application - EN 179
An emergency application is where the exit door is in a low occupancy environment and will only be used by trained personnel.
For example: a place of work, never accessed by the public or people unfamiliar with the escape drill.
• Offices
• Private Flats and Apartments
• Store Rooms / Boiler Rooms
Products used in emergency applications require only a single point of operation e.g. pushpads or levers


Products to EN 179

"These products should never be used in areas open to the general public."

Products conforming to EN 179 are only intended for use by personnel who are fully aware of the escape routes and have been trained to operate these devices.


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